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  • Diane Thodos

Podcast -The End of Art: Neoliberalism & NFTs, a conversation with Bill Turck and Diane Thodos

Feb 3 2002 Playtime podcast - 47 minutes

In Part Two of an important conversation about Neoliberalism's corrupting influence on the Arts, Artist and Art Critic Diane Thodos and host WC Turck discuss ways to undo its corrosive influence, talk Ireland's proposed UBI for Artists, and Damian Hirst's alleged scheme to price-fix his $60 million jewel encrusted skull.

We also discuss...

- The subversive side of Communist era art, animation and film

- Does art claiming a political agenda fail as art for its audience?

- America's current Wiemar moment and the rise of neofascism

- How price fixing at art auctions creates artificially inflated prices

- Orwell, Neoliberal revisionism, and the erasing of memory, the past and history

Featured Music includes Starship by Dino Olovcic

A link to Jane Mayer's Dark Money

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